The Haiku Challenge

Posted: July 18, 2015 in atheism, haiku, poetry, religion
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The following is an actual debate that took place between myself and an anonymous theist, given the challenge that the debate must take place in haiku.


A god divides us
Calls the heathens enemies
Why must this be so?

Political ruse
By men scheming for power
To control the world

Your god is not there
You follow blindly like sheep
Being led to die

Religious leaders
Don’t want you to figure out
They’re sucking you dry

The atheist knows
So they present a great threat
If you should listen


Love your enemy.
That is what God really says.
What you said is wrong.


Why enemies though?
Does god call his own children,
His creation, wrong?

I see not a foe
Just a fellow human being
Struggling to find truth.


That’s what we call them.
God’s point is we should love them.
To draw them to him.


Conditional love
A manipulative tool
Is no love at all


Love is what one does
For others not a feeling
Don’t get it twisted.


Not twisted at all
You described love as a tool
An end goal in mind

Call non-believers
Enemies of the faithful
But you must “love” them

So your kindness can
Convince them, draw them closer
Get them to believe

Because we all know
It’s only the believers
Who get out of hell

That isn’t real love
It’s naught but a Ponzi scheme
Keeping truth hidden


Jesus showed us how
To love others in the way
That we love ourselves.

From the beginning
This is what God has wanted.
We just won’t obey.

God’s goal is for all
To obtain eternal life.
What is wrong with that?


He wants submission
From every human person
To blindly follow

Do not question him
Just give him adoration
And thank him always

For, if you do not
Hell’s fire and brimstone are hot
Ready to swallow

It’s not your good deeds
That earn you eternal life
In this religion

Only the faithful
Only the believers can
Get this great reward

To fake belief, wrong
Immoral and dishonest
I will not do it

And for that I’m damned
According to your scripture
And you call that love?


Love fulfills all law
And also all the prophets.
He wants repentance

Heaven will be great
Because everybody there
Will put others first.


Repentance for what?
Sin is only concocted
By those who lead you

We do have morals
We know right from wrong without
The help of a God

And it’s thanks to “god”
That men reject their conscience
Forgo empathy

Commit any deed
Commanded by your deity
And you’ll be absolved


(Repentance “from” what)
From not loving everyone
As you love yourself.

It is that simple
Despite what some people say
Religion hijacked the truth.


If that is the case
Then I’ll be more than just fine
Come this judgement day

I still don’t believe
But I guess that is okay
According to you


Read Romans thirteen
Specifically the tenth verse,
You can find it there.

If your not convinced
See Galatians five fourteen,
It says the same thing.


Loving your neighbor
Is most definitely good
Truest empathy

And if this were all
That your scriptures did teach us
I would have no qualms

But that is not so
The scriptures clearly divide
Teach love mixed with hate

I cannot accept
The double standard within
Your dear holy word

And I can’t accept
A fickle god playing games
Choosing his favorites

He answers the prayers
Of a select chosen few
For trivial things

Then he does ignore
The urgent pleas of the child
In dire need of help


I misunderstood
We do still need our savior
For sins that are past

We would be puppets
If God just controlled our will
and made us choose good

I do understand
when you speak of suffering
But that’s us not God.

Blessed are those that mourn
for they shall be comforted
during the next life.


To place blame on us
For all the bad in the world

You raise up this God
Upon a high pedestal
How great is the fall

For what does go up
Most surely it must come down
Known thanks to Newton

You can’t cherry pick
All the good things from your book
And throw out the bad

Taken as a whole
We can all quite clearly see
That “god” is not good

The good in the world
Is here thanks to good people
Not a phony god

The only reason
For people to believe it
Is based on the fear

“Accept me or die”
Experience no heaven
Unless you submit

Why would God do this?
Create us with agency
Only to condemn

I live a good life
Live my morals found within
But that won’t matter

Without Christ, pointless
According to your scripture
But I don’t believe

You cannot force faith
But that’s all God cares about
Not the good life, lived

  1. mike says:

    this is really very good. thank you for the post. did you two really trade haiku like this to discuss or did you formulate the poems at a later time for this post?


    • karrinfalk says:

      Thank you, and yes. We really traded haiku’s like this. This is an exact copy of our “debate”.


      • mike says:

        amazing and enjoyable, although it seems there was no resolution in the discussion. great stuff for an “Epic Rap (haiku) Battles of History!!” -mike


      • karrinfalk says:

        I would have loved for it to continue. Sadly, the theist I was debating bowed out, because he found the haiku requirement too much of a constraint. His responses were always slow to come, and he let me know that he was struggling to keep the format. I think it would be wonderful to engage in something similar again with a theist more skilled in poetry.


      • mike says:

        my own ‘theism’ is in transition and I’m not sure what I am anymore, but I love poetry and writing. you might enjoy some of my work in between some other stuff. again, thanks for your efforts. enjoy the day. -mike


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